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We are a Czech provider of payment gateways and payment terminals. We have been operating our services for over twenty years and currently more than 15 thousand merchants use them. Join us - you will save up to 20% on fees, plus get a higher number of completed payments and higher sales. We have fair pricing and transparent price lists with no asterisks.

People in Comgate

Jakub Ouhrabka, Company director
Jakub has been with Comgate since 2000, when he started as Head of Information Systems Development. In 2017, he became a CEO. He graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University. He is passionate about his family, travel and sports – in particular bicycle racing, in which he actively participates.

Monika Fikrová, Head of HR
Monika studied teaching Czech and German. She never pursued a career in teaching and instead landed in HR, where she has been helping companies find the best talent for more than a decade. Her major hobby is travelling.

Ivana Slezáková, Director of Finance
Ivana is the Chief Accountant for all activities of the Comgate group. She has over 40 years of accounting and finance experience, with over ten of those years spent in a senior position. She studied at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Charles University and in her spare time she volunteers in the social services sector.

Jan Kieswetter, Head of Processes and Regulation
Jan studied economics and business management at the Czech Technical University and gained his subsequent work experience in the financial sector, where he worked in management positions. He enjoys walking his dog in the woods and spends his holidays on stages of his hiking expedition around Czechia.

Martin Staněk, Sales Manager
Martin has many years of experience in sales and customer communication. He studied business economics and management at the University of Economics in Prague. In the past, he worked in the logistics and IT sector focusing on road freight transport. He is engaged in artificial fly fishing and education of fishing youth.

Martin Krejčovský

Martin Krejčovský, Customer Care Manager
Martin started working in sales and people management in 2011. He gained the experience he applies in his current position through personal development and several years of work in consulting. He studied trumpet at the conservatory and stayed with music – he is an active member of the Levou rukou band. 

Michal Petrák, Communication and PR manager
Michal has more than twenty years of experience in media and PR. He graduated in journalism and media studies at the Faculty of Social Sciences of Charles University, worked as a journalist in the press and on television, and worked as a communications manager for a football club. In his free time, he continues to participate in sports – both actively and as a coach of youth football players.

Ondřej Pecháček, Product Operations Manager
Ondřej has been working in risk management and operations management in Czechia and abroad for more than ten years. He studied economics at the Faculty of Economics and Administration at the University of Pardubice and worked as a risk and operations manager in a foreign financial company. In his free time he likes to run and swim.

Kristýna Vávrová

Kristýna Vávrová, Knowledge Base Manager
Kristýna graduated from the Palacký University in Olomouc, where she worked for several years in the field of public administration, marketing and university PR. She rides her bike everywhere, enjoys listening to political podcasts and is an active dancer – she is particularly fond of bachata and salsa.



Comgate and payment services

The highest level of PCI DSS certification

We meet the strictest conditions for information systems security. The conditions for the highest level of PCI DSS are checked once a year, and the certification is also renewed at this interval.

Payment Institution license

We operate in the field of payment services with a Payment Institution license and under the supervision of a national bank. This enables us to provide services to merchants and process payments without limitations on the volume of transactions throughout the EU.

Measures in accordance with the AML Act

We are an obliged party to the Financial Analysis Authority, with whom we cooperate directly in monitoring compliance with the terms of the Anti-Money Laundering (AML) Act. Our activities are supervised by the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic.

Advanced fraud monitoring

We are constantly working on the development of fraud detection systems that monitor transactions made through our payment services in real time. We can detect suspicious movements, thereby protecting our clients.

Membership in associations

We share our experience with colleagues and experts in domestic and foreign groups. We are members of the European Merchant Payments Association (EPSM), the Czech Fintech Association and the Bank Cards Association, where we are active in the acquiring working group.

Direct member of the card companies

In 2023, we were the first Czech
non-banking company to become
an acquirer of card transactions.
As a principal member of Visa and Mastercard, we have access to card technologies.

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