Accounting in ABRA FlexiBee, ABO format

Importing data in ABO format to ABRA Flexibee

To make things easier for you, we prepared a description of import of transaction summary in ABO format (.gpc) to ABRA FlexiBee. The ABO format is commonly used in the Czech Republic and Slovakia to exchange financial reports. Its structure is strictly defined.

Setting up the ABO format in ABRA Flexibee

Create a new account in the list of bank accounts. Complete the individual boxes as follows:

  • under “Account Number” input the value found on the ComGate Client Portal under Shop settings. There, select the specific online store under “Payment methods”. The account number is in the “Fictive ABO account” column,
  • “Bank code” – you may leave this blank,
  • in “Electronic bank”, choose ABO format and input the path to the stored summary with .gpc extension,
  • under “Accounting” choose account number, e.g. 221.999 Payment gateway
  • under “Accounting” choose the desired currency

Payment transaction accounting in ABO format

You will receive transaction summary in the ABO format every day by e-mail and may also find it on the Comgate Client Portal.

The accounting procedure is as follows:

  • save the summary file in the folder selected in the previous step,
  • in Bank agenda, choose “Services” and “Upload statements”. This will upload the individual items from daily summaries – received payments, fees and final sum, i.e. the sum to be paid by the payment gateway to your bank account.
  • to pair the individual payments with invoices, select “Services” and “Automatic payment connection”,
  • choose “Pair according to variable identifier and amount”.

Accounting rules for transactions in ABO format.

Variable identifiers are used to pair transactions with invoices. The variable identifier must be identical for an invoice in ABRA FlexiBee accounting system and the online store transaction. The variable symbol is a part of the data transferred to the payment gateway when initiating payments.

If the sum on the invoice does not match the sum paid via the payment gateway:

  • if the sum in the invoice is higher than the sum paid via the payment gateway, only partial payment is paired with unpaid balance outstanding,
  • if the sum in the invoice is lower than the sum paid via the payment gateway, the invoice is paid in full and an independent row appears in the bank on the “Documented item” sheet. This may be further accounted independently or paired elsewhere.