Accounting payments on the payment gateway

Transaction settlement and summaries

The transactions are settled by us sending a bulk payment to the merchant’s account once a day. The bulk payment consists of sums paid by payers minus fees.

Every day, merchants receive an e-mail with detailed transaction summary in three formats:

  • CSV file suitable for automatic processing in IT systems,
  • ABO format suitable for automatic import to accounting software,
  • PDF file as a tax document.

All the above-mentioned files may also be found on the client portal.

Please find sample summaries for download here

The daily transaction summary may be imported into an accounting software in a way similar to standard account statements. Please, use the ABO (.gpc) file for that purpose.

In your accounting system, create new “bank account” designated for accounting for payment gateway transactions. Consequently, import the daily summaries in ABO (.gpc) format and work with the individual items as if they were items on a standard account statement.

To simplify things for you, we have prepared: