Online card payments with ComGate

6 main currencies

Payment Gateway ComGate accepts card payments in CZK, EUR, PLN, HUF, USD i GBP.

Responsive design

The look of the gateway adapts to the customer's mobile, tablet or PC.

17 languages

Earn more finished transactions thanks to more than 17 languages of our gateway.

More finished transactions

Customers of payment gateway ComGate have about 15 % more finished transaction.

Currencies of Payment Gateway ComGate

No more unfinished transactions. Our payment gateway accepts 6 currencies used in 37 countries of the world. Expand and develop your online business with payment gateway ComGate.

Languages of Payment Gateway ComGate

Are you thinking about expading your business abroad? Do you want to get in touch with new customers? With payment gateway ComGate you can choose between 17 languages of 149 countries of the world.

Use full potential of our payment gateway!

Comfortable accounting

Comfortable accounting of payments every day. In addition, you have the opportunity to check the status and reports in the client portal.

Your business, your design

The look of the gateway adapts to the customer's equipment. Thanks to this, they can pay from their mobile, tablet or PC.

Secure payments

ComGate has Visa and Master Card certifications. Payments take place in 3D-Secure mode and all comply with AML.

Money daily and free of charge

Money to your account daily and free of charge. Our terms and conditions are clear and understandable.