ComGate payments client portal

The Client Portal may be used to manage the ComGate payment gateway settings, browse payment transactions, account transactions and monthly summaries. Upon signing the agreement, you will receive login information to the Client Portal located on

You can create access information to the portal for an unlimited number of users. Add a new user by going through Your profile and User management and clicking the button Create. When creating a new user, you must input his or her name, e-mail and assign him/her a role:

  • Administrator – access to all sections, authorization to create new users
  • User – access to all sections, cannot create new users or complete the SAQ questionnaire
  • Tester – can edit payment gateway connection and read technical documents

Creating a user on the Client Portal – ComGate payment gateway

You will find all the necessary information under Bank payments – from transactions to technical documents.

Transactions – here you may use filters to check current payment status, access payment details including customer bank account and other information. Basic filter items include transaction period, payment method and status:

  • PENDING – payment not yet confirmed or rejected, do not provide goods/service
  • CANCELLED – payment was cancelled or rejected, do not provide goods/service
  • PAID – payment is confirmed, you may provide goods/service
  • TRANSFERRED – confirmed payment already sent to your bank account
  • REFUNDED – transaction was refunded back to the customer

Transactions on the Client Portal – ComGate payment gateway

  • Transfers – here you may find overview of daily bulk transfers to your account with the option of csv summary downloads. The structure of the csv file is described in the payment procedure.

Transfers on the Client Portal – ComGate payment gateway

  • Billing – here you may find issued invoices together with monthly summaries of payments against the individual invoices.

Billing in the Client Portal – ComGate payment gateway

  • EET (electronic sales registration) receipts – on the Client Portal, you may view all the issued receipts. A receipt can also be issued manually by confirming New EET Receipt. A receipt may also be cancelled by selecting Action. For more information, please browse Payment Gateway EET Settings.
  • EET receipts in the Client Portal – ComGate payment gateway
  • Shop settings – includes online store contact information, connection of the online store to the payment gateway, editing return URL addresses and IP address administration. Please find more information for shop settings under Client Portal Online store settings.
  • Technical connection – guides the client through the individual steps all the way to starting of the payment gateway. You may also find here list of test payments, test logs and technical documents