Connection configuration

To operate the online store, applicable settings must be done first on the client portal. We will send you your access information immediately after agreeing on our collaboration. The client portal will allow you to manage payment gateway settings and provides summary of payment transactions. You may set-up the implementation and testing as follows:

  • In the menu on the left, find Technical connection, where you may also find Testing payment summary and Testing log records
  • Under Online store settings, you may find the individual items for setup of testing and live operation

Setting online store parameters of the ComGate payment gateway

  • web URL of the site of the Client, where goods or services may be purchased
  • chosen variant of payment initiating
  • chosen variant of payment result transferring
  • telephone and e-mail of the Client’s hotline
  • e-mail address to send payment notifications to the Client
  • information, whether the system should send e-mail payment notifications to payers
  • background transfer of payment result (if the online store wants to implement it)
  • Client’s IP address used to connect to the payment gateway server when initiating background payment
  • web URL of the Client for:
    • rerouting after successful payment (payment status PAID)
    • rerouting after unsuccessful payment  (payment status CANCELLED)
    • rerouting after result as yet unknown (payment status PENDING)

All the three URLs may include the chain “${id}“ to be automatically replaced with a unique payment identifier (code) in the payment gateway and the chain “${refId}“ to be automatically replaced with a payment reference in the Client’s system input when initiating the payment.

We will provide you with the following information for the setup of the client portal:

  • merchantID – Client’s alphanumerical identifier
  • password – used in HTTP background communication
  • password – used in the test payments summary
  • list of currencies, methods and payment categories to be allowed within the Client’s account

Online store setup on the ComGate payment gateway client portal

Various e-mail addresses must be set up under Contact information, to be used for ongoing sending of information about the payments. In addition to e-mail communication, we also provide payment transaction information via API.

Contact information on the ComGate payment gateway client portal

Online store connection menu serves to set up parameters of communication via API. If you use one of the supported platforms, the input method will vary according to your provider.

Connecting the online store on the ComGate payment gateway client portal

Detail of connected online store on the ComGate payment gateway client portal