Online payments integration

1) We will provide you with personal access details

We will send you personal access details. You will receive access to the client portal to help you with set up of ComGate e-shop communication gateway.

The Client Portal will then serve as an overview of incoming payments and daily transfers to your account.

At the same time you set in the client portal the technical parameters of the connection between your e-shop and the payment gateway.

2) We will help you integrate

If you use one of the cooperating e-shop platforms, the integration process will not require any programming from you. We want to make it easier for you to implement the payment gateway, so we cooperate with most e-shop platforms.

Otherwise, you have the benefit of support, in particular a detailed description of the API. You will also get a sample implementation, where you can examine everything thoroughly and verify the settings.

3) We will test the payment gateway

Together, we will test the payment gateway. For this purpose, we have a test environment and a detailed tutorial that will help you with testing.

During testing, you can also easily track the log of the bugs of the connection, see a listing of test payments including a detailed HTTP statement of the payment. In addition to testing, we also verify compliance with VISA and MasterCard payment requirements.

4) We will launch into the commercial operation

In cooperation with you, we will launch a payment gateway and begin sharp operation. For a description of the payment gateway operation from the buyer's point of view and from the point of view of the e-shop in terms of payment steps or cash flow, please see the payment process section.

Our customer service is, of course, available to you at any time.