We create consumer competitions and loyalty programmes. We have been bringing new customers to brands for almost
15 years. Everything that we prepare in marketing has a direct link to the sale of products and services. We offer customers the chance to have fun, get involved and win something. In this way we achieve better memorability, and the building of trust and loyalty for our clients brands.

One-stop implementation

We combine the knowledge of five divisions - in addition to marketing, they are the call centre, logistics,
payment solutions and IT

How is it performed?

Spolupracujeme s reklamními agenturami

kreativní koncepty reklamních agentur doplňujeme o praktické zkušenosti a produkční zázemí pro realizaci těch nejpeších spotřebitelských soutěží a věrnostních programů

ComGate can supply all the services in the context of a loyalty programme and communicate flexibly with customers. This saves us a lot of time.
Ondřej Čabrada, BOHEMIA SEKT

Who draws customers into the game with us?

Shall we discuss it over a cup of coffee?

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