Online payments FAQ

How does payment by bank payment buttons work?
When using payment buttons, customers are rerouted to online banking. After the standard log-in, a customer is offered a pre-approved payment order to confirm. The customer has no way of changing the order parameters, such as price, recipient’s bank account or variable identifier. He or she may only confirm the order. Confirmation of such payment order is identical to the procedure for other payment orders within the online banking environment of the given bank. Consequently, the bank sends us payment confirmation and we notify you about the payment online.

Is it possible to choose, which payment methods I want to use?
Yes, you can choose the payment methods to be activated.

How long before I see payment confirmation?
The payment information is presented online. Data exchange is carried out via communication protocol (API).

What do the individual transaction statuses mean?

  • PENDING – unfinished payment. A customer is currently filling-in payment card or login information in the online banking. Payment has not yet been confirmed.
  • CANCELLED – cancelled or refused payment
  • PAID – payment has been confirmed

What do the individual payment statuses mean?

  • TRANSFERRED – confirmed payment sent to the Client’s bank account
  • REFUNDED – transaction refunded to the customer based upon a complaint

How long before the money appears on my bank account?
We forward the payment immediately after credited to our account, normally within 3 business days.

How are payment gateway transactions settled?
All the transactions carried out are pooled once a day on the central account, from which they are being forwarded to the client as a whole accompanied by a detailed statement. The forwarded sum is lowered by transaction fees.

Do you support preapproval?

Is the payment gateway optimized for mobile devices?

Can refunds be dealt with via the payment gateway?

Can the payment gateway be customized?
Yes. As a standard, we offer displaying the logo of your online store on the payment gateway. We can manage also substantial changes, both visual and functional, such as interfacing with the client’s IT systems.

Can I connect multiple online stores under a single agreement?
Yes, you can have multiple online stores connected under a single Id. No., as long as they are all operated by the given company.

What currencies do you process?
We process payments in the following currencies: CZK, EUR, PLN, USD, GBP, HUF. Need to accept other currencies? Contact us, we will provide a tailor-made solution.

What languages does your payment gateway support?
We currently support Czech, Slovak and English. Do you need other languages? Contact us, we will make it happen.

Can payment gateway outputs be recorded in accounting programs?
Yes. Each day, you will receive a transaction summary that you can import into your accounting program.

Does your payment gateway support electronic sales registration (EET)?
Yes. Sales registration details can be set on the client portal in EET module. We will intermediate communication with the Financial Administration including receipt generation and sending.

How do you deal with personal data protection?
ComGate Payments holds a license from the Czech National Bank as a Payment institution. As a part of its supervision, the CNB enforces strict rules of personal data management.

As an entity regulated by CNB, we must comply with strict personal data protection standards. Please find personal data management rules here.

Do you process or keep payment cards data?
No. We intermediate communication and payment. A payer fills-in the payment card numbers in a secure interface of the relevant third party, e.g. a bank.

What form of security do you use for card payments?
We require 3D secure for all payments that allow it.

Must a payer be registered to pay via the payment gateway?
Not for the payment itself. Registration is appropriate to verify the payer and the address to send the goods to.

How complicated is it to implement the ComGate payment gateway?
We provide implementation documents to our clients, supplemented by local support. We collaborate with web developers to make the payment gateway implementation even simpler.