How to integrate a payment gateway

1. We will send you your access information

After you sign the agreement, we will send you access information to our client portal. There, we will help you set up the communication between the online store and ComGate payment gateway. Subsequently, you will use the client portal to view summary of incoming payments and daily transfers to your account. Also, you may use the client portal to set up technical parameters of the connection between your online store and the payment gateway.
Client portal setup description.

2. We will help you with integration

If you use the services of any of the compatible online store platforms, the connection will require no programming on your part. We want to make the payment gateway implementation as easy for you as possible. That is why we support most online store platforms.

If that is not the case, you may take advantage of our support, especially detailed API description. You will also get a sample implementation, where you may examine everything in detail and check that everything is set up correctly. 

3. Payment gateway testing

We will jointly perform payment gateway testing. We have a testing environment for that purpose, as well as detailed guide to help you with the testing.

During the testing, you will be able to simply monitor error log of the connection, browse a statement of test payments including detailed HTTP for a given payment communication. In addition to testing, we will also verify compliance with the requirements of VISA and MasterCard payment associations.

4. Service launch

Jointly, we will launch the payment gateway for the public. Please find the description of the payment gateway from the perspective of buyers and online stores (how to make a payment, how the money flows) in the payment procedure section.

Of course, you may contact our customer services at any time.