Payment methods info (sample page)

Correct and easy to understand information about payment methods may help to increase transaction success rate. We have prepared proven and up-to-date wording how to create a page about payment methods for your customers. This is usually part of the information pages of the online store (shipping and payment).

Payment methods

Online payments are realised using ComGate Payment Gateway. The service provider, ComGate Payments, a.s. is a licensed Payment Institution under the supervision of the Czech National Bank. Payments made through the payment gateway are secure. All payment information is fully encrypted.

Card payments

The fastest way to pay online. In the ComGate Payment Gateway interface, enter the card number, valid thru date and CVC code - the three digits, which you will find in the signature strip on the back of the card. Payment is made using the 3D Secure protocol, so you will probably be asked to enter a numeric code, which you will receive via SMS from your bank.

Bank transfer

Instant payment via online banking. ComGate payment gateway redirects you to your internet banking application. You log in as usual and authorise the pre-filled payment order.

You will be redirected back to the online store, after completing the payment. Transaction is confirmed immediately, so we will proceed your order without delay.