Payment terminals
for 0.99 % or less

Feel free to choose between a land-line terminal and a mobile version. Installation is free of charge. No fixed transaction fees or fees for transfers to your bank account.

Payment terminal with EET

  • Payments by VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard and Maestro

  • Payments with Apple Pay and Google Pay

  • Payments in EURO

  • Acceptance of electronic meal vouchers, option to enter an transaction ID, more merchants at one terminal 

  • Supporting all important features such as sales, refunds, cancellations, pre-authorizations, Mo / To, deadlines

  • Payment terminals with cable connection, WiFi or GPRS

  • Connection to POS systems

  • Sending money to your bank account daily and free of charge

Please find more information about our services in your price list.

More than 2000 customers

Our customers do business in tourism, ticket sale, electricity supply, satellite TV broadcasting, consultancy and – of course – sale of goods in brick and mortar stores and on the Internet.

Fair prices

Gain access to the best conditions automatically scaling according to the volume of transactions. No more begging for a better offer, no more exhausting negotiations. Get more, come over to us.

0.99 %

Rent a terminal: CZK 149 per month
up to CZK 100K per month

0.89 %

Rent a terminal: CZK 99 per month
100 - 500K per month

0.79 %

Rent a terminal: free of charge
500K - 3M per month

Fixed transaction fee CZK 0 | Service activation free of charge | Bank transfer to any account free of charge
Please find the whole rate tariff for the payment gateway here.

Choose your terminal

We offer modern and reliable devices by PAX Global Technology Limited, a leading global payment terminal supplier. Thanks to remote administration of the device, you will get the terminal with latest updates installed and ready to go.

PAX S920

  • Mobile terminal with WiFi and/or mobile data connection
  • Available also with mobile connection (optional service)

PAX S800

  • Tabletop payment terminal
  • Connect via Ethernet/LAN
  • Set including PIN pad (independent second keyboard)

You can have your payment terminal in mere days

You will lose no customers with us; you can have the terminal immediately.

1. Leave us a message, we will get back to you A.S.A.P.

2. It only takes little time to sign the contract.

3. We will send you the terminal. You can start selling.

Please find all information regarding operation and implementation of the payment gateway on the support website.

Special requirements for terminals? Look no further.

Acceptance of electronic meal vouchers

Do you wish to accept electronic meal vouchers with your terminals? No problem.

Transaction ID

You have an option to enter an transaction ID (such as order number) at our payment terminals for each transaction.

More merchants at one terminal

Our Terminals allow to accapt payments for up to three different legal entities. This is useful when more than one merchant (service provider) is operating in a shared location.

Payments in EUR

Are your customers also from abroad? Our terminals accept payments not only in CZK, but also in EUR. You will be able to offerr choice of currency to your customers while paying.

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We have been active on the market since 2000. Check out history here. Also, meet the company management.

As a payment institution, we offer payment services based upon a license issued by the Czech National Bank.

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