Required data for ComGate gateway commissioning

In order for the payment gateway to be put in operation, it is necessary to ensure that mandatory information´s are included on your website. Failure to comply with these obligations may result in a suspension of the payment gateway functionality.

What do we need from you?

  • The name of the website operator (same as in the payment gateway contract)
    • Company name
    • IČO
    • address (street, house number, postal code, city, state)
  • Terms and Conditions
    • identification of the business operator
    • information on the possibility of contract withdrawal
  • Payment method
  • Transaction specifications
    • the authorized transaction currency, which is indicated by the symbol and the words
    • possible transactions restriction have to be clearly visible before or at the time of the transaction (restrictions on sale because of age, local restrictions, legal restrictions)
  • Goods delivery
    • means of delivery of goods or services, including restrictions or prohibitions, if any
    • if the delivery period is longer than 30 days, the cardholder's consent to a later date payment is required
    • the cost of product delivery
  • Complaints conditions of your services
    • way of declaring for reclamation
    • address to send a reclamation
    • terms of claiming the reclamation
    • description of the course of reclamations proceedings
  • information on availability of goods in stock
  • email confirmation of acceptance the order
  • privacy information
  • the VISA and MasterCard payment association logos to download here.

As part of card activation, we will also ask you to fill in the self-assessing SAQ questionnaire that serves as evidence of compliance with PCI DSS standards. Completing the SAQ form is a necessary step to activate the payment by payment card. You will find the SAQ questionnaire form in the Client Portal on the bookmark Your Profile .

Recommended text for e-shops terms and conditions

"Once the order has been sent, the Customer has the option of using a payment gateway service that redirects him either to his bank´s internet banking or to a secured card payment page, after the transaction, the gateway passes information about the realization to eshop, eshop can ship the goods immediately upon of the payment receipt. Money transfers are made through the bank accounts of ComGate Payments, as

Sensitive input data you enter into the Internet banking system is protected by banks' payment gateways and do not get into third party environments. Payment processors see only transaction information that the bank tells them with transaction sent.

By concluding a purchase contract, the buyer gives the merchant permission to process his contact details until the time of his written opposition to the processing. The contact details that the buyer will provide while ordering are used exclusively for our needs and will not be given to other entities except for the payment processors. "