Terminal Payment

Do you need a portable or stationary terminal? We offer both Google and Apple Pay, a payment by electronic meal voucher option and, of course, credit cards. We support all common functions and connections to most cash register systems and you can easily order a payment terminal remotely, with no obligation.

ComGate Payment Terminal Functions
Card payment

Card payments

We accept standard VISA and Mastercard payment. The payment process is the same. Regardless of where your customer is based.

Apple Pay

Google Pay and Apple Pay

Customers can opt to pay via our payment terminals with Apple or Google Pay. Hassle-free payments with watches, bracelets or phones.

meal vouchers

Meal vouchers

To accept electronic meal vouchers at payment terminals, activate the service by  creating a contract with the related meal voucher company.

Portable and Stationary

Portable or stationary?

Choose portable or stationary terminals with an internet connection via mobile data, WiFi or cable.

Free Instalation

Free installation

Terminal delivery and installation are free. All you need is an internet connection for the type of terminal.

Simple Online Contract

Easy online contracts

Sign a contract by phone or email, without the need to verify the signature or an in-person meeting.

We will answer your questions on weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00 by phone, e-mail or chat. We speak English, Czech and Slovakian.

Even more payment terminal functions

Variable Symbol

Variable symbol 

The terminals offer the possibility to mark each payment with a variable symbol for easier processing during billing.



The happier customer is, the greater tip you get. Receive a reward from your customers for great service also with payments by card.


Payment cancellation

Did you enter the wrong amount for the last transaction? You can cancel the payment using the "Cancel transactions" function.


Financial Statements

Get an overview of the number of transactions performed on the payment terminal using automatic or manual closing.

Cash Register Systems

Cash register

Connecting the terminal and cash register system simplifies cashiers' work and reduces the number of payment entering errors. 

Accounting systems

Accounting systems connection

Uploading payments to Stormware Pohoda, ABRA FlexiBee, Money ERP and iÚčto.cz  is one click away.

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