ComGate payment gateway testing

The payment gateway testing runs in the client´s portal after setting up the link

For testing, we set the "test" parameter to "true" when the payment is made. In the context of testing, the payer is not directed to any of the participating banks. For testing the payment respectively non-payment of payments is available so called virtual provider (bank). The client portal also provides listings of test payments, e-shop connection settings and communications logs.

You can still use the testing environment, even after the switching to full operation. Test payments and full operation payments are differentiated by a setting up parameter in payments.

Step 1: payment in status PAID

Status PAID means, that Payment has been received. Payment is confirmed by the bank and you can ship goods or provide services.

Create an order in the e-shop and go to the payment. Choose any form of payment and enter your email address (you will find the payment accordingly to entered email).

Make sure that the amount corresponds to the amount of the e-shop. Select "Pay" and click "Confirm". The system will redirect you back to the e-shop where you'll find information about your successful payment:

Step 2: Payment in status CANCELED

After redirecting back to the e-shop, you'll find information that the payment was unsuccessful.

The CANCELLED status means that the payment was not realized. Customer has canceled payment, money will not arrive, do not expedite goods.

Repeat step 1, now with selecting "Cancel" on the test provider page:

Step 3: payment in status PENDING

The PENDING status, or the expected payment, means we're waiting for the payment. Do not expedite goods, payment is not confirmed at the moment.

Repeat step 1, now with selecting "Wait for result" on the test provider page:

After redirecting back to the e-shop, you will find information, we do not know the payment result yet. In this state, the payment result is still unknown and we are waiting for, for instance, that money will be credited to our account. We do not yet know whether or not the payment will be made.

Some e-shops instead of the customer's email (Payer) provide their internal email when the payment is made. It should be borne in mind that in such a case, it will not be possible to track payments based on customer's email. In addition, customers will not receive automatic emails about carried out payments. Clicking on the magnifying glass symbol in your list of payments will show the payment details.

For PAID and PENDING payments, please check (by clicking on the magnifying glass) whether the statement of communication contains at least 4 records, ie 2 records for payment (REQUEST and RESPONSE) and 2 records for payment verification (REQUEST and RESPONSE). If it does not, it means that e-shop does not verify the payment status.

You can use the button in the payment details to simulate a payment transition from PENDING to PAID or CANCELLED.

Step 4: The payment result verification

In the transaction list, you can sort payments by date, amount, customer ID, or status. In the customer column will be client´s email address, which was listed during the payment.