Payment gateway testing

ComGate payment gateway is tested on the client portal after the connection is set up.

For testing, we set the “test” parameter to “true” when initiating a payment. In testing mode, the payer is not directed to any of the connected banks. The so-called virtual provider (bank) is available for testing of payments and failed payments. You may browse test payment summaries on the client portal, as well as check online store connection and view communication logs.

After switching to live operation, the testing environment is still available for use. Testing and live payments are differentiated by the payment initiating parameter.

Step 1: PAID status payment

The PAID status means Paid payment. The payment was confirmed by the bank, you may dispatch the goods or services.

Create an order in the online store and go to payment. Choose any payment method and input your e-mail address (to find the payment later).

Check that the sum corresponds to the sum from the online store. Choose “Pay” and click “Confirm”. The system will reroute you back to the online store, where you will see a successful payment confirmation:

Step 2: CANCELLED status payment

After being rerouted to the online store, you will see a message about the payment being unsuccessful.

The CANCELLED status means Unpaid payment. The customer cancelled the payment, no money is going to arrive, please do not dispatch the goods.

Repeat step 1 and choose “Cancel” on the testing provider’s site.

Step 3: PENDING status payment

The PENDING status means that we are waiting for the payment. Do not dispatch the goods; the payment is yet to be confirmed.

Repeat step 1 and choose “Wait for result” on the testing provider’s site.

After being rerouted to the online store, you will see a message informing you that we do not yet know the result of the payment. In this state, we do not know the result of the payment yet and are waiting e.g. for the money to be credited to your account. We do not yet know, if the sum will be paid or not.

Some online stores state their internal e-mail instead of the customer’s (Payer’s) e-mail. It should be borne in mind that, in such case, it will not be possible to find a payment according to the customer’s e-mail. Furthermore, certain customers will not get automated e-mails about their payments. By clicking the magnifying glass icon in the payment summary, you may display payment details.

If a payment status shows PAID or PENDING, please check (by clicking the magnifying glass) if the communication summary contains at least 4 records, i.e. 2 records for payment initiation (REQUEST and RESPONSE) and 2 records for payment status verification (REQUEST and RESPONSE). If not, it means that the online store does not verify the status of the payment.

To simulate the shift of payment status from PENDING to PAID or CANCELLED, a button in the payment detail may be used.

Step 4: Verifying payment result

In the list of transactions, you may sort the payments according to date, sum, customer ID or status. The customer column shows the e-mail address used for the payment.