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No monthly fee

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No activation fee

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Fair conditions with no commitments

ComGate Payment Gateway from 0,79 %

Fair conditions with no commitments

The percentage and the monthly fee for both, the Payment Gateway and the POS Terminal, is automatically lowered according to the volume of the current transaction.
The volume of transactions calculated from all your e-shops and POS Terminals. In case of cancellation of service, we do not charge any fee.

0,79 %

over 12K EUR / month


daily transfers to your bank


monthly fee

no commitments

cancel anytime without any penalties

0,89 %

4 to 12K EUR / month


daily transfers to your bank


monthly fee

no commitments

cancel anytime without any penalties

0,99 %

up to 4K / month


daily transfers to your bank


monthly fee

no commitments

cancel anytime without any penalties

Calculate your savings

Monthly payment volume


Annual savings


All functions, simple Gate implementation

You will get all the usual payment methods and functions of a Payment Gate and on top of that a premium service.


currencies for expansion abroad


over 50 payment methods


e-shop platforms, easy integration


no fixed fees for regular cards


the Payment Gate activation is for free


 of satisfied clients

Payment gateway on a mobile phone

Higher Conversion Rates

Gateway with Postponed Payment
means e-shop's higher sales

Benefits for the Buyers:
  • buy now, pay later

  • completely free for up to 30 days

Benefits for E-shops:
  • money immediately 

  • lower transaction fee compared to card payments

  • more completed purchases 

Payment gateway conversions

Choose the Best Payment Gateway

ComGate Payment Gateway comparation

Compare the other Gateways providers' costs and functions 

  • set up and operation costs, transaction fees

  • payment methods and currencies

  • Gate implementations to e-shops

  • connection to accounting systems

Save more than half of the costs

With ComGate you pay less for a Gateway, which gives you more

  • activation is for free

  • sending money to chosen bank account is free of charge

  • card payments fees start from 0,79 %

  • same prices the whole time, no change of terms after 3 or 6 months

  • you can cancel anytime with no penalties

Your payments are secured

Czech National Bank

Czech National Bank License

National Bank of Slovakia

Registration in National bank of Slovakia

Card associations

Cooperation with card associations

Under supervision of the Financial Analytical Office of the Czech Republic


PCI DSS Level 1 certification

20 years

Providing services for more than 20 years

Do you have any questions? 

We are online on working days from 8:00 to 20:00. Your questions will be answered as fast as possible.

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Do you have any questions? 

We are online during working days from 8:00 to 20:00. Your questions will be answered instantly.

Frequently asked questions

How does the Gateway integration work?

You can launch the payment gateway in three simple steps. First, we would sign an electronic contract from the comfort of your home or office. Second, the Payment Gateway would be connected to the e-shop. Third, we would turn the Payment Gateway on. You can have a look at this blog post (available only in Czech and Slovak).

How to implement the Gateway to an e-shop?

You can launch the Payment Gateway in three simple steps. First, you will enter into an electronic contract without you having to go anywhere. In the next step, the Gateway will be connected with your e-shop. As the last, the Gateway will go online.

How to connect the Gateway with an Accounting System?

You can import transactions into your accounting system from your daily list of payments. To help you with this, we created documents exports in ABO (.gpc) format. More information about payment accounting through the Gateway can be found in our Help section.

What are the fees for our Payment Gateway?

You only pay fees from each transaction and the monthly fee (for total transactions under 12K EUR/month). There are no fixed fees for card payments, nor bank account transfers. The Price List is public and available on our web.

Which currencies can be used on the Gateway?

ComGate Payment Gateway supports payments in 10 currencies: CZK, EUR, PLN, HUF, USD, GBP, HRK, RON, NOK, SEK and runs in 12 languages. Foreign currencies are sent to the receivers' accounts without rate conversions. If you have a specific currency account, you would receive the payment in the same currency, which saves you money. In the opposite case, the conversion would be calculated according to your bank's rates.