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cheaper - lower transaction fees, free operation

more efficient - more payment methods, credit payments

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ComGate Payment Gateway

Join over 15,000 merchants

More and more merchants are switching to Comgate online and in-store payments. Our clients include start-ups and established businesses. We provide services for clients from the Czech Republic and Slovakia.


Save up to 20% on costs

You will save significantly when switching to our online and in-store payments. In addition, you can find out all prices easily on our website. You can choose between several tariffs according to the type of your business.


Choose your tariff

Choose your plan based on whether you are starting your business or you are a seasoned merchant, and whether you prefer simplicity or detailed pricing according to your payment type. We transfer funds to any bank account daily and for free. We do not charge cancellation fees.


free for 6 months

A tariff for beginning merchants who have not accepted card payments previously.


0.9% + 1 CZK

One rate for all payment methods. Cards, bank transfers, BNPL or installments.


0.65% + 0.7 CZK

Various fees for individual methods. For monthly volume of transactions over 100,000 CZK.

Tariff comparison

A comparison of all the online-payment individual tariffs.


A tariff for merchants who have not accepted card payments previously.


A simple tariff with one single rate for all payment methods.


Suitable for merchants who prefer pricing by payment method.

Visa and Mastercard payment cards including Google Pay and Apple Pay

debit and credit consumer cards issued in the EU free transactions up to 50,000 CZK per month for 6 months, then according to the Easy tariff 0.9% + 1 CZK 0.65% + 0.7 CZK
business and other cards issued in the EU 1.95% + 0.7 CZK
debit and credit consumer cards issued outside the EU 2.55% + 3 CZK
business and other cards issued outside the EU 3.20% + 3 CZK
Bank transfers


0.9% + 1 CZK

0.9% + 1 CZK

0.65% + 0 CZK


0.39% + 0.15 EUR


0.99% + 0.5 PLN

Buy now, pay later and installment sale

Buy now, pay later – Twisto, Skip Pay, PlatímPak

0.9% + 1 CZK

0.9% + 1 CZK

0.39% + 0 CZK

Pay in three installments – Twisto, Skip Pay, ESSOX

1.89% + 0 CZK

Installments for up to 12 months – Cofidis, ESSOX

0% + 0 CZK

Other fees

Gateway operation, monthly fee

free for 6 months, then
according to the Easy tariff

free or 100 CZK Free of charge with monthly volume of transactions over 100,000 CZK. In case of a lower volume of transactions, the monthly fee is 100 CZK.

free or 200 CZKFree of charge with monthly volume of transactions over 100,000 CZK. In case of a lower volume of transactions, the monthly fee is 200 CZK.

Gateway activation


free free

Daily transfer of payments to the client's bank account


free free

Contract cancellation


free free

Refundreturn of funds at the client's request



Optional service of invoicing fees once a month instead of standard deduction of fees from individual paymentsThe Client can choose not to have transaction fees automatically deducted from regular daily payments, the full amount of transactions will always be transferred to the Client. Once a month, an invoice will be issued for all payments in the previous month.

0.1% 0.1% 0.1%

Chargebackforced return of money based on the payer's complaint

990 CZK

990 CZK 990 CZK
Tariff lists Start (pdf) Easy (pdf) Profi (pdf)

If the client has a significant volume of payments, i.e. more than 30%, with other than consumer cards issued in the EU, Comgate can change the client's tariff from Easy to Profi. The monthly fee for the operation remains from the Easy tariff. The tariff can be changed at the beginning of the month. The client will be informed about such change in advance.

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We are available online weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00. Your questions will be answered as fast as possible.

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We are online during working days from 8:00 to 20:00. Your questions will be answered instantly.

All features, simple implementation and operation

More completed payments

Multiple payment methods

Card payments, Apple Pay, Google Pay, bank transfers, QR payments, Twisto payments, Skip Pay and PlatímPak. You can accept 9 currencies and communicates in 14 languages.

Payment restart feature

A buyer who, for example, makes a mistake in entering the card number, gets another option to pay by card, bank transfer or in installments.

In thirds or installments

Twisto, Skip Pay, Cofidis.

Simple implementation

We support over 100 commercial platforms

For example: ByznysWeb, Clevero, EasyShop, eBRÁNA, eshop-rychle, ExitShop, FAPI, FastCentrik, Shopify, ShopSystem, Shoptet, UPGates, Webareal and 100 other solutions.

Easy integration open source platforms

We support linking to Drupal Commerce, Hika Shop, Jigoshop, Magento, Opencart, PrestaShop, VirtueMart, WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, Zencart, or API linking.


Convenient operation

Dozens of useful features

Selected features: payment restart, payments on the gateway page or in the eshop, responsive design, payment card memorization, customized design, recurring payments, payment link, pre‑authorization, refunds, payment expiration settings.

Connection to accounting

Payment statements in ABO (.gpc), CSV or PDF format. Connection directly to accounting without the need to manually upload files for Stormware POHODA, ABRA FlexiBee, Money S3, iÚč

Get more completed payments

BNPL gets you up to 7% more sales

Get about 7% payments more because of deferred payments. Your customer can buy now and pay for it later (for example after 30 days). This service is free for our customers. You do not risk anything. We send money immediately.

+ 7%

Payment restart increases sales up to 3%

We are able to save payments, where the client input a wrong card number, badly filled in a verification code or client did not have their mobile phone for a payment verification. In all these cases we are able to lead the client to another try with another possibility to pay with any other payment method. 

+ 3%

What our clients say about us

We welcome public client feedback on our services. You can find more reviews on Google here.

google reviews


Hodnocení - pět hvězdiček

I appreciate the amazing support for the services and setting up the online paymens. Pretty good.

Petra Sluková

Hodnocení - pět hvězdiček

I launched the online payments on the eshop-rychle platform today - even non-IT people can do it. I made the first test payment from my account and everything went fine. Communication with Comgate was perfect and helpful.

Your payments are secure

Czech National Bank

Czech National Bank payment license 

National Bank of Slovakia

Registration in National bank of Slovakia

Card associations

Certified partner of VISA and Mastercard


Obtained PCI DSS Level 1 certification

logo Cloudflare

Protected by Cloudflare system

20 years

Services for more than 20 years

Your payments are secure

Frequently asked questions

What does it mean to pay online?

Online payments allow online shops to accept payments by card and other payment methods (e.g. Google Pay, Apple Pay, QR code payments, bank transfers, deferred payments or payments in installments).
When using this tool the eshop owner has only one contract signed and one service activated, they do not need to sign many contracts with individual card companies, banks, providers of deferred payments and installment sales.
Another advantage online payments is its well-thought-out payment navigation system, which brings a higher number of completed payments to the shop.
It is usually integrated into most e-commerce platforms, can generate data for accounting systems and are secured by strict PCI DSS standards.

How do online payments work?

Online payments allow customers to pay online using various payment methods (card payment, Google Pay, Apple Pay, QR code payment, bank transfer, BNPL or in installments). As well as technically securing the payment process, providers also transfer funds from customers to the merchants' bank accounts.

It is usually easily integrated into various e‑commerce platforms, they also generate reports and logs that can be exported to accounting softwares.

What are QR code payments?

A payment using a QR code is a very popular online payment method. A payment gateway generates a QR code of the order for the customer. The customer launches their bank's mobile application, selects a new payment and then chooses to pay using a QR code. After scanning the QR code, the payment data is loaded into the bank application. The customer confirms the payment and pays. A QR payment is easier than a card payment, because it does not require filling card data and the entire payment process takes place in a mobile banking application.

How to choose a provider of online payments?

When choosing a provider, we recommend focusing on several topics: 1) their selection of payment methods and the way they are presented in order to increase the rate of payment completion, 2) their price, i.e. the cost of completed transaction for the online shop, 3) if you plan to expand abroad, also consider the languages ​​in which the payment gateway communicates and the number of currencies in which it is possible to make payments.

Take into consideration the way the provider communicates. The one who presents the price of the services transparently (a full price list, contract documentation on their website, etc.), is more trustworthy than the one who only provides such information on request.

Some merchants consider other aspects of the operation as important: 1) whether the provider sends payments to any online shop bank account automatically, daily and without additional fees, 2) whether they offer complete overviews of payments and fees in their client’s portal, 3) whether convenient exports of payment and fee data to accounting are offered.

Customer support is also important, preferably in the form of an online self-service portal as well as email and phone support in the local language.

Do you have any questions? 

We are available online weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00. Your questions will be answered as fast as possible.

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Do you have any questions? 

We are online during working days from 8:00 to 20:00. Your questions will be answered instantly.