Payment gateway features

Are you wondering what features our payment gateway offers? Simply - all of them. In addition to many payment methods, currencies and languages, its integration is easy, it increases the number of completed and paid orders and makes accountants’ work easier.

Payment methods

Card payments. Comgate payment gateway supports Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercard and Maestro cards as well as Chèque Déjeuner, Edenred and Lidl meal vouchers and benefit cards. You can find more about card payments on the support pages.

Apple Pay. Apple Pay allows customers to pay easily using their card stored in Apple Wallet. The Safari web browser and an Apple device are required. You can find more about Apple Pay on the support pages.

Google Pay. Google Pay allows customers to pay using their card stored in Google Wallet. Using Google Pay is essentially the same as paying by card. The customer does not need to copy the card number or other data. You can find more about Google Pay on the support pages.

Bank transfers. Many buyers do not prefer card payments. In such cases bank transfers come first. You can read more about the topic on the support pages.

Bank transfers in the Czech Republic

Bank transfers in Slovakia

Bank transfers in Poland:

QR payments. QR payments have become much more popular recently. If the buyer makes a purchase on a computer or tablet, they would welcome the possibility to pay simply by using a QR code. You can read more about the topic on the support pages.

Deferred payments. The buyer can pay for the goods in up to 30 days. The merchant receives confirmation of the payment immediately and we transfer the money at standard time, regardless of the buyer's ability to pay. The buyer can choose from a number of providers. You can find detailed information on the support pages.

Payments in thirds. When choosing the payment method in three installments, the buyer pays one third of the purchase and pays the other two thirds in two installments during the next two months. The merchant receives a confirmation of the payment immediately, the payment for the entire purchase is transferred to the merchant's bank account, just like with a card payment. The merchant is not responsible for the subsequent installments of the buyer. Splitting the payment into three installments is free for the buyer. You can find detailed information on the support pages.

Installments. Using this method, the buyer can split the purchase value in installments. The buyer bears the costs of the loan. The seller receives a confirmation of the payment immediately, similarly to card payments or bank transfers. The risks associated with the loan are fully borne by the lender, not the seller.

Supported platforms

Commercial platforms. ByznysWeb, Clevero, EasyShop, eBrána, eshop-rychle, ExitShop, FAPI, FastCentrik, Shopify, ShopSystem, Shoptet, UPGates, Webareal and 100 other solutions. You can find detailed information on the support pages.

Open source platforms. We support connection to Drupal Commerce, Hika Shop, Jigoshop, Magento, Opencart, PrestaShop, VirtueMart, WooCommerce, WP eCommerce, Zencart, or we offer connection using API. Links to the modules can be found on the support pages.


Payment statements. We offer payment statements in ABO (.gpc), CSV or PDF. Details of statements, including samples, can be found on the support pages.

Connection to the accounting systems. Payment statements can be easily uploaded to any accounting. We have made it even simpler for the most common accounting systems. We offer connection directly to accounting without the need to manually upload files for Stormware POHODA, ABRA FlexiBee, Money S3, iÚč You can learn more about connecting to accounting on the support pages.

Currencies and languages

Payments in nine currencies. CZK, EUR, PLN, HUF, USD, GBP, RON, NOK and SEK. More information about currencies can be found on the support pages.

Communication in 14 languages. The payment gateway is available in Czech, Slovak, English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Polish, Hungarian, Swedish, Norwegian, Croatian, Slovenian and Romanian. More information about currencies and languages can be found on the support pages.

Technical parameters

Payment restart. If the customer enters the payment data incorrectly, the payment gateway will automatically offer a new attempt to pay using the same or a different payment method. This feature increases the number of completed payments on the eshop. More information about the payment restart feature can be found on the support pages.

Payments on the payment gateway page. Standard settings, when after confirming the payment on the eshop side, you are redirected to the payment gateway.

Payments in the eshop. View the payment gateway in the basket or using the pop-up window above the eshop. Thanks to iFrame, customers won't leave your website when paying.

Responsive design. The payment gateway automatically adapts to the user's device. You can easily make the payment on your computer, tablet or mobile phone.

Saving card details. Customer card data will be filled in in advance during further purchases on the eshop. This means more convenient and faster payments. More information on the support pages.

Custom design. The design of the payment gateway can fit in with your brand. We will set the logo or background of the payment gateway for you free of charge according to your requirements.

Recurring payments. You can use the recurring payments feature for subscriptions or regularly deducted fees for services from the customer's card.

Payment link. Generate new payment links for your customers. The payment link will show the customer the payment gateway to complete the payment.

Pre-authorization. Do you need to "reserve" a certain amount for customers before selling goods or services? Activate the pre‑authorization service on the payment gateway.

Refunds. Do customers return or complain about goods within the legal period? Thanks to the refund, you return the amount in full or in part.

Payment cancellation. Did you receive a duplicate order? Cancel the second payment and allow other customers to purchase the goods.

Payment urgency. Get a link to an unpaid order. Send a link with a request to pay for the order to the customer's email.

Payment expiration. Thanks to the payment expiration setting, you know immediately whether the payment has been made or not. This gives you the opportunity to sell the goods to someone else. 

API documentation. Our API documentation is available on the support pages.

Funds transfer

Automatically D+1. Payment from the eshop, which will be credited to our bank account on D-day, will go to the client's bank account no later than the next working day, but often on the same working day.

Daily on weekdays. We send payments to clients' bank accounts daily on business days. This means that we send payments for weekends and holidays to clients' accounts on the first following business day.

Free to any account. We send payments in CZK or EUR to any bank account in the Czech Republic or Slovakia free of charge. SEPA payments in EUR within all EU, EEA and other European countries are also free.

You can find a list of all payment methods and other features, including their description, on the support pages.

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