Payment gateway full of useful functions

What functions does our gateway offer? It is easy - all of them.
In addition to the widest selection of payment methods, currencies and languages, it offers easy integration, improves the number of finished and paid orders, and simplifies your accounting all in one gateway.

ComGate Payment Gateway Functions

Payments by card - VISA, VISA Electron, Mastercard, Diners Club, Apple PayInternet payment via internet banking in the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland, BNPL

More finished payments

Higher conversion rates

If a customer enters incorrect payment details, the gateway will automatically offer another attempt with the same or a different method.

Customers can pay in CZK, EUR, PLN, HUF, USD, GBP, HRK, RON, NOK and SEK. The gateway automatically chooses the language.

We support the integration of more than 100 eshop platforms and open source plugins. API documentation is available on our website.

Signing the contract happens online without need to verify the signature or meeting in person.


Your payments are safe

As a licensed entity, we operate under the supervision of the Czech National Bank and the Czech Ministry of Finance. We are certified according to PCI DSS.

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We will answer questions on weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00 over phone, e-mail or chat. We communicate in Czech, Slovak and English.


More satisfied customers

29% of customers use QR payments

If your customer buys from a computer, we will offer them the option to pay with a QR code. The customer loads the code with a mobile phone
and then completes the payment in their mobile banking. Increase the comfort of payments and get more returning customers.


23% of customers prefer bank transfer

Payment by card is a basic essential of the payment gateway. However, a significant part of customers prefers to use a bank transfer. Our payment gateway offers banking buttons of Czech, Slovak and Polish banks.


More gateway functions

Payments can be postponed for up to 30 days and then either the full payment can be made, or in installments.

You can use recurring payments for subscriptions or regular service fee deductions from customers' cards. 

Create new payment links for your customers. The link  displays the payment gateway to the customer for payment completion.

Customers‘ card data will be pre-filled for future purchases from the eshop allowing for faster and more convenient payments.

Do you need to "reserve" a certain amount before  you sell goods or services to customers? You can use the pre-authorization service.

Do customers return or refund goods?
The refund will allow you to easily return payments either partially, or in full.

Did you receive a duplicate order? Cancel the duplicated payment and allow other customers to purchase the goods.

Use the restart feature to reduce unfinished payments. In case of failure, the customer can choose an alternative payment method. 

Payment Urgency

Payment urgency

Get a link for unpaid payment. You can send it to the customer's e-mail asking him to finish the order.

The Payment Expiration keeps you updated on whether or not a payment has been completed.

Display the Payment Gateway in a pop-up window in the eshop cart’s interface.  Your customers do not have to leave your website.

Upload payments to accounting systems with just one click: Stormware Pohoda, ABRA FlexiBee, Money ERP and iÚč 

The design of our gateway can match your brand with free customized logos or backgrounds. Our support will help you set it.

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We are available online weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00. Your questions will be answered as fast as possible.

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