In-store payments

Save up to 20% on costs with a Comgate payment terminal. Your customers will be able to pay with card, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay or meal vouchers. The payment terminal is portable, you can use it on the premises or outdoors. As a result, you'll get more revenue.

Choose your in-store payments tariff


for merchants
with the first
card payment contract

For those who have not accepted card payments
in the past

free for
6 months


no fixed
flat rate for
all payments

No commitment,
pricing and contract on the web

+ 0 CZK


fees with distinction of card type or other payment method

Suitable for payment volumes above
300k CZK per month

from 0.62%
+ 0.5 CZK


for volume
of payments above
3 mil. CZK per month

Tailored tariff
for larger merchants


Your customers will be able to pay with contact and contactless cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay, Fitbit Pay or electronic meal vouchers. The payment terminal is portable, you can use it on the premises or outdoors. As a result, you'll get more sales.

Save up to 20% on costs

You will save significantly when switching to our online and in-store payments. In addition,
you can find out all prices easily on our website. You can choose between several tariffs according to the type of your business.

Monthly payment volume


Annual savings


Payment terminal inquiry

  • Easy
  • Profi
  • Custom
  • Start

All features, easy integration and operation

The payment terminal will usually be up and running within two working days.

More payments

Payments with card, smartphone or smartwatches

The Comgate payment terminal accepts Visa and Mastercard payments issued in the EU and outside the EU. Your customers can also pay with Apple Pay, Google Pay, Garmin Pay or Fitbit Pay.

Meal vouchers

We also accept payments with electronic meal voucher cards such as Benefit Plus, Chèque Déjeuner, Edenred – Ticket Restaurant, Naše stravenka Lidl or Sodexo.

Easy installation

No technician required

You unpack the payment terminal, turn it on, connect it to the internet using Wi-Fi or a data SIM card and you're ready to accept payments. Anyone can set it up.

Connection to the cash register

The payment terminal can be connected to most cash register systems. This speeds up the work of the operator and reduces the risk of error when entering a payment. Thanks to the connection, you only have to type the data once.

Comfortable operation

Indoors and outdoors

The touch screen is operated in the same way as a mobile phone. You can use the terminal in the shop or outdoors - for example, on a stand. You can connect it to the internet anywhere.

Connection to accounting systems

Payment statement in ABO (.gpc), CSV or PDF formats. Linking directly to accounting without manual file upload for Stormware POHODA, ABRA FlexiBee, Money S3, iÚč

With our payment terminal you get more,
much more

Contract without commitment

  • concluding a contract simply online

  • service up and running in days

  • free activation

  • termination anytime, free of charge

Free transfers daily

  • transfer of payments to the client's bank account is free of charge

  • every working day

  • usually the day after the purchase

  • to a bank in Czechia or Slovakia

Customer support

  • you talk to a person, not a robot

  • on weekdays 8:00–20:00

  • by phone or email

  • self-serviceable support portal available non-stop

Statements to accounting systems

  • data exports in ABO, CSV and PDF

  • comprehensive daily and monthly reports

  • connection to the most commonly used accounting programs

  • automatic exports to accounting

Connection with cash register systems

  • connection of the payment terminal to dozens of cash register systems

  • open-source packages

  • printing receipts by order from the cash register

  • connect to your own solution

For all types
of operations

  • portable payment erminal with docking station

  • simple touch screen operation

  • connectivity via Wi-Fi
    or data SIM

  • Android OS as on a mobile phone

For more information about the features of the payment terminal, its controls or its connection to cash register systems, please visit the support portal.

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What our clients
say about us?


500+ reviews


170+ reviews

What our clients say about us?


500+ reviews


170+ reviews

Security comes first

Comgate is a processor of card data and makes online payments as part of its services. It is a direct member of the card companies VISA and Mastercard, is licensed by a national bank as a Payment Institution and holds a PCI DSS Level 1 security certificate.

Visa and Mastercard
Principal Member

Comgate is Principal Member of the card associations Visa and Mastercard. As a card processor (acquirer) we have full access to all card technologies and we can provide better service.

National bank licence
Payment institution

Comgate is authorised to provide payment services with unlimited transaction volumes throughout the EU and is subject to the supervision of a national bank.

Security certification
PCI DSS Level 1

The highest level of PCI DSS certification is awarded to companies that provide evidence of the required level of information systems security and is renewed annually.

Frequently asked questions 

How to choose a payment terminal?

When choosing a payment terminal, we recommend comparing prices thoroughly. Firstly, it is necessary to find out whether the prices offered are fixed or indicative in MIF++ mode. Fixed prices mean certainty. The prices in MIF++ mode are, as already mentioned, indicative and the actual charges may differ considerably from those in the list prices. We recommend fixed prices, not MIF++. Secondly, you need to find out if the contract has a commitment. Often operators require a commitment for several years but do not guarantee prices. For example, a few weeks after signing a contract, the payment terminal provider may unilaterally change the pricing without the possibility to cancel a multi-year commitment. We therefore recommend a provider that offers a contract without a commitment.

What are the fees for card payments?

The fees for card payments at the payment terminal can be fixed or so-called estimated fees according to MIF++. Some providers offer a single fixed rate for all types of payment cards without distinction. Other providers offer different rates for different card types, but always a fixed rate. Yet other providers offer the price of services in estimated values according to MIF++. We at Comgate offer fixed rates, and in addition, we give our customers the choice of a tariff with a single rate for all credit card types, or a tariff with varying fees depending on the type of credit card. However, it is always a fixed price. In addition, we present our tariffs publicly on our website.

What is the fee for the payment terminal?

Payment terminal fees typically consist of fees for individual payments and a monthly payment terminal rental fee. A monthly operating fee is usually not charged starting from a certain volume of payments. In addition, some providers charge an activation fee. A common flaw in the price lists of some payment terminal providers is the lack of clarity of the offer. Among the many faults of the offers are: 1) presentation of estimated prices according to MIF++ as if they were fixed prices, 2) emphasis on only one component of the transaction fee and suppression of information on other fees, 3) contractual obligation to use the payment terminal even for several years. Some providers often resort to the practice of offering a favourable deal at the beginning of the cooperation and then, after about six months, increasing the price under the pretext of a different than expected average value of payments or a similar argument. The choice of a provider that charges fixed fees according to the offer and presents its tariffs publicly on the internet gives certainty.

Frequently asked questions payment terminal
Can I have a payment terminal for free?

 You can have a payment terminal free of charge for up to six months on the Start tariff. During this entire period, you will have a free rental fee for the payment terminal, plus fees for card payments up to 50 thousand CZK. For card payments above the limit of 50 thousand CZK per month, a fee of 0.98% + 0 CZK will apply. After the end of the first six months, you will be charged the standard Easy tariff fees. The Start tariff is designed for new merchants who have not used card payments in the past. You can find all the above mentioned price tariffs on our website.

Where can I find a comparison of payment terminals?

Detailed comparison of payment terminals is offered by a number of providers and independent comparison sites. These comparisons focus on price conditions, contract obligations, links to cash register systems or exports of payment terminal data to accounting systems. One of the most sought-after payment terminal comparisons can also be found on Comgate's website (CZ).

Do you have any questions? 

We are available online weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00. Your questions will be answered as fast as possible.

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