Simple payment gateway activation

You can set up the gateway in three easy steps. It doesn’t matter what platform you run your eshop on - a commercial, an open-source solution or a custom-made eshop. We always have a convenient payment gateway connection solution for you.

Simple Gateway Activation

Three steps to get the payment gateway

The payment gateway can be activated in three simple steps. When all the requirements of the eshop are met, we activate the gateway within a few days. 

Contract is the first step


The contract is signed electronically. No branch visits. All we need is an electronic copy of the documents.

We have made it easy to connect to your e‑shop by working with more than 100 eshop platform operators and web developers.

Starting payments is the thirds step

Payments start

Card associations approval precedes the gateway activation. After final verification you are ready to accept card payments. 

Contracts electronically and remotely

All documents can be found on our website. Simple, brief, no catches and no small print.

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Telephone consultation

Call us. We’d love to talk with you about the payment gateway process and its  parameters and answer any other questions. 

Contract data

Contract data 

To prepare a contract, all we need is your company details, eshop information, the character of the goods and info about how the gateway connection to your platform.

Signing the contract

Contract signing

You can sign a contract electronically from the comfort of your office or home via email. No need to visit a branch, verify signatures or any in-person meetings.

Connecting to an eshop is easy

It doesn’t  matter what platform your eshop uses. We work with more than 100 eshop platform creators and more than 150 custom-made eshop providers to integrate the payment gateway.

Commercial Platforms

Commercial platforms

We cooperate with all major eshop platform developers. For some, the payment gateway connection is already pre-configured, so setup is just a click away.

Open source

Open source

The good news is that once you choose an open source platform, plug-ins are available for all major open source solutions.

Customized solutions

Customized solutions

We have created an API interface for custom-made eshops where IT support is available throughout implementation. See the description in the Czech and English Support section. 

Payment Gateway integration is pre-configured in more than 100 commercial platforms

You can find more information in the Support section.

What other commercial platforms do we support? Here you can find a complete list of them.

We support main Open source platforms

Information on plugin solution providers can be found in the Support section.

More information on open source platforms can be found here.

Do you have any questions? 

We are available online weekdays from 8:00 to 20:00. Your questions will be answered as fast as possible.

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We are online during working days from 8:00 to 20:00. Your questions will be answered instantly.

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